All fully trained in Pilatestherapy

Bonnie Southgate

Bonnie our founding teacher, teacher trainer, and studio owner  started her career as Ballerina with American Ballet Theatre and the Royal Ballet, dancing leading roles in ballets such as Swan Lake, Romeo and Julliet, and the Nutcracker to name a few. 

First introduced to Pilates in the 1980’s while recovering from a dance injury Bonnie felt the benefits were so profound that she wanted to learn more about Pilates and eventually decided to train as a Pilates teacher. 

She under went 3 years of training under the tuition of Suzanne Scott through the Pilates Foundation Uk in both Mat work and the Pilates Equipment. 

Bonnie could see certain patterns in her clients with injury and back pain and was continually referring clients back to other practitioners who didn’t always look at the body as a whole. She decided to look further into the biomechanics of the body as a result she has continued to train as a biomechanics specialist, John Gibbons Body Master, Sports  therapist, Rock Doc,  Neurokinetic Therapist, and has taken too many continuing educational courses to list. As a result  she has developed her Pilates to integrate these other therapies to create a much more effective way of treating people. She is now offering teacher training in Pilatestherapy a unique combination of motor control theory, muscle testing,biomechanics screening, manual therapy,taping and Pilates exercises.

 Lisa Newman

Lisa Newman is a qualified Body Control Teacher. Lisa is originally from South Africa and has been

practising Pilates since 2003. Her interest began when she started using Pilates to help with her neck and back injuries resulting from years of competitive show jumping. After completing her MSc at Bournemouth University, Lisa qualified as an instructor in 2010 and hasn’t looked back!

Since 2010 Lisa has lived and taught in different countries around the world, adding to her knowledge and teaching to a wide range of people often to help with injuries from a variety of extreme sports to those that just want to maintain a level of mobility. Now living in Verwood, Dorset, with her family, Lisa teaches in the surrounding Dorset & Hampshire area.

Lisa’s main focus is to help clients improve their body awareness, strengthen their muscles and optimise movement efficiency, thereby reducing the risk of recurrent injuries and enhancing performance; and above all have fun and relax! Lisa has a true passion for Pilates and its benefits and hopes to share this with her clients. 

Sam Whitford

Sam is a comprehensively trained teacher originally training with Suzanne Scott at Scott Studio’s, before deciding to sit her Pilate Therapy training with Bonnie Southgate and Stephanie Beeson.  Sam is now currently sitting her training in Neurokinetic Therapy.

Alex Moore

Alex is a soft tissue Therapist and a Pilates instructor. His treatments offer a range of different skills which include Massage, Manual Therapy, Biomechanics coaching & Pilates. Instead of just simply treating the symptoms, a full assessment is carried out to highlight any potential underlying causes which could be resulting in pain. From here the skills mentioned above are used to help correct the underlying issues, as well as working on reducing the current symptoms.

Whilst training to be a soft tissue therapist, Alex held different roles in local health clubs, ranging from fitness instructor to different managerial roles. He decided to become a Soft Tissue Therapist after recovering from his own previous injury. Alex has worked with top level footballers, golfers, dancers and gymnasts. Outside of work he still takes part in adult trampoline classes, as well as a variety of fitness classes.

If you would like more information on whether Alex can help you please contact me for a free 15 minute chat.

Trina Lockyer

My name is Trina Lockyer and I am a Qualified Pilates teacher, BSc. Occupational Therapist of 11years and Level 2 British Cycling coach for the past 6 years. I completed the Mat Work Training with Suzanne Scott at the Scott Studios in Somerset.

I am passionate about Pilates following a back injury 7 years ago. Pilates made me aware of my own postural faults and how over time, they can lead to injury. Having attended regular Pilates classes, my back injury improved as did my performance both at work and on my bike.

I really enjoy teaching both small mat work classes and one to one. Small classes enable me to observe as I teach and give tactile cues if necessary that individuals find useful as feedback in their own bodies. The feedback given from my regular class participants, is that they really enjoy the variety of exercises each week together with the use of small pieces of equipment (soft balls, rollers, Swiss balls, stretch bands and resistance circles).

I encourage my class to be proactive in taking care of their own bodies during sessions as well as in their daily routine.

The Human Body is a fascinating piece of engineering which requires regular maintenance and nourishment to remain healthy and injury free. Stress can be physically and emotionally draining on the mind and body, so our bodies need rest and time for healing. Pilates enables the mind and body to rest whilst exercising. From class feedback I have received they “feel energised”, “more flexible” and “relaxed” at the end of the class.

Kaye Woodgate

Kaye is a teacher in training qualifying in 2017. Prior to this, she was working in finance and IT where the lack of natural movement was causing her increasing concern. To counteract that, she practiced yoga for over a decade prior to coming to Pilates in 2012 after having serious post natal pelvic issues. Bonnie guided Kaye through her recovery which was so life changing that it sparked a passion for movement and rehabilitative exercise so deep that Kaye decided to train as a teacher.

Kaye is a happy mum of two young girls. The first one indirectly led her to Pilates through issues that followed her birth; the second one is truly a Pilates baby as without Bonnie’s Pilates studio and Kay’s subsequent recovery she would not have come about!