All fully trained in Pilatestherapy

Bonnie Southgate

Bonnie our founding teacher, teacher trainer, and studio owner started her career as a Ballerina with American Ballet Theatre and the Royal Ballet, dancing leading roles in ballets such as Swan Lake, Romeo and Julliet, and the Nutcracker to name a few. 

First introduced to Pilates in the 1980’s while recovering from a dance injury, Bonnie felt the benefits were so profound that she wanted to learn more about Pilates and eventually decided to train as a Pilates teacher. 

She underwent 3 years of training under the tuition of Suzanne Scott through the Pilates Foundation UK in both Mat work and the Pilates Equipment. 

Bonnie could see certain patterns in her clients with injury and back pain and was continually referring clients back to other practitioners who didn’t always look at the body as a whole. She decided to look further into the biomechanics of the body as a result she has continued to train as a biomechanics specialist, John Gibbons Body Master, Sports Therapist, Rock Doc,  Neurokinetic Therapist, and has taken too many continuing education courses to list. As a result, she has developed her Pilates to integrate these other therapies to create a much more effective way of treating people. 

Having a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) – Bonnie now specialises in treating those with hypermobility or a hypermobility syndrome

Alex Moore

Alex is a Pilates Therapist and Sports Therapist. His treatments offer a range of different skills which include Massage, Manual Therapy, Biomechanics coaching & Pilates.

Instead of just simply treating the symptoms, a full assessment is carried out to highlight any potential underlying causes which could be resulting in pain. From here the skills mentioned above are used to help correct the underlying issues, as well as working on reducing the current symptoms.

Whilst training to be a sports therapist, Alex held a number of different roles in local health clubs, ranging from a fitness instructor to various managerial roles. He decided to become a Sports Therapist after recovering from his own previous injury.

Alex has worked with top level footballers, golfers, dancers and gymnasts. Outside of work he still takes part in adult trampoline classes, as well as a variety of fitness classes.


Maria Seager

Maria is a Pilates Therapist, Scarworker and Sports Specialist. 

She was a gymnast from a young age before moving onto a successful career as an athlete. Having competed at a national level in the Heptathlon, she then specialised in the Pole Vault where she competed internationally for Great Britain. 

Maria came to Pilates Therapy as a client after sustaining an injury – Working with Bonnie and seeing first-hand how beneficial treatment has been for her own body, she decided to embark on the training.

Having come from a movement background, she has a keen eye for the biomechanics of the body, assessing the body as a whole and being able to identify the drivers of dysfunction. 

Sam Whitford

Sam is a comprehensively trained teacher originally training with Suzanne Scott at Scott Studio’s, before deciding to sit her Pilates Therapy training with Bonnie Southgate and Stephanie Beeson.  

Sam has also qualified in Neurokinetic Therapy