We run a whole range of group and 1-1 Pilates Therapy sessions on the Pilates apparatus including reformers, the stability chair, cadillac, and the ladder barrel with plenty of other props.

All of which are ideal for assisting your body and guiding it to move in the correct way. This therefore allows your body to correct sub-optimal movement patterns! Our range of props are great if you’re remedial, since the spring resistance equipment can help as well as challenge muscles to activate through movement without an imbalance of load. This in turn helps the injury to heal whilst still strengthening surrounding areas.

Pilates Therapy

Our unique Pilates Therapy assessment or continuing 1-1 sessions include a biomechanics screening, combined with muscle testing, massage, taping and Pilates exercises which are all designed to help teach the body how to correct it’s movement patterns.

Sports Therapy

We also offer Sports Therapy which works with sports men and women of all ages and abilities to not only help prevent injury but also to rehabilitate you back to your optimum levels of functional, and sports specific fitness.

Using a variety of methods and techniques, we’re able to apply the necessary rehabilitation principles to enable you to achieve the optimum levels of recovery, that your injury will allow.

As such, we can facilitate your journey from injury to a return to activities by providing you with the necessary treatment as well as a continued rehabilitation programme which will help prevent future or further injuries.

Bio Pilates Therapy - Stability Chair
Bio Pilates Therapy - Stability Chair
Bio Pilates Therapy - Sports Massage and Therapy Session