Bridging the gap between Pilates and Therapists

Pilates Therapy

A new approach to Pilates Training

We are able to integrate years of experience  with the latest research in learning about how the body works. We can help you to work with your neurological system to make changes rather than trying to force it where it does not want to naturally go.

We offer comprehensive screening to asses how your body works and then you can then either continue with individual sessions, join one of our small groups of 3 or 4 working on the Pilates equipment, or one of our small mat classes

You do not need to have pain or be remedial to benefit from Pilatestherapy. It is about creating optimal function, so if you want to improve sport performance or prevent injury, Pilatestherapy is perfect for you.

New mat and equipment classes are starting all the time in Ferndown!


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